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after i fainted

  • nurse: how many fingers?
  • me: 3 with some lube


Sometimes I want to run.
As fast as my legs can carry me.
As far as a train will take me.
Sometimes I want to run,
Until the reason I felt alone would be because I was.
Until I could reminisce and say;
I did something didn’t I?
With all this wasted time of mine.


keep setting goals for yourself. raise the bar. shoot for the moon. hit the moon. destroy the moon. who cares about that thing anyway

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Not that I’m really supposed to talk about official Night Vale stuff outside of the music, but I’m pretty sure that the most recent episode was down because of a technical glitch and nothing to do with nutmeg.  

However I will also point out, just in case, that you definitely should not eat a cup and a half of nutmeg and that if you did do that, you are dead right now, and if you are dead right now I’d hope you have something more interesting to do than look at tumblr. Get back on the mission.  



I’ve got something to say. Spew hate at me all you want, but at least hear me out first.

I’m frankly blindsided by the level of backlash WTNV and its writers have gotten for casting Will Wheaton, a straight actor, as Earl Harlan, a (most likely) bisexual character. I’ve read the posts about it, and some of the reasons people are upset over this are entirely understandable.

However, the level of vitrol contained in some of those posts is just too much. Some of you are acting like they killed a puppy right in front of you when all they did was cast an actor in a role. They are merely human beings. It isn’t their responsibility to be absolutely perfect in everything they do ever, nor should it be. Is it a little messed up? Sure, I can agree to that. Do they deserve to be hung by their toenails for it? Not so much.

Let me pose a hypothetical question. If you were casting someone in an acting role like this, and you had to choose between a gay/lesbian/bisexual/any other nonbinary sexuality actor/actress who couldn’t act themselves out of a paper bag, or a straight actor/actress who can act, has the type of voice that fits the sound you want the character to have, and has the benefit of being moderately famous, therefore bringing more attention to your work, who would you choose?


I’ve been lucky, and haven’t experienced any of this anger, but I will point something out: it appears to be born of the presumption that Earl is bisexual or gay. As far as I know, Earl’s sexual identity hasn’t been established, and I *specifically* know that there’s nothing between Earl and Cecil, other than them being friends for a very long time, because I specifically asked Cecil and Joseph that question.

But, you know, if freaking out about something because of a presumption you’ve made is really important to you, knock yourselves out. There seems to be a lot of that going around on the Internet lately.

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 ”Tiramisu? More like tiramisOON amirite?” Earl Harlan sinks back into the shadows, holding cups of nutmeg. “See you again soon Cecil.”

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*takes out wallet* I’m ready!
(also, how many spiders are there on me then?!?)


*takes out wallet* I’m ready!

(also, how many spiders are there on me then?!?)

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Confirmed: NO triangle drama between Cecil, Carlos, and Earl Harlan.


I *specifically* know that there’s nothing between Earl and Cecil, other than them being friends for a very long time, because I specifically asked Cecil and Joseph that question.

-Wil Wheaton

murasakiyugata said: We're nearing DAY 2 of Nutmeggate. Zero fatalities as of this moment. Thus far no word from Jeffrey or Joseph, but I understand they've pulled the episode from certain venues, fled the country, and are currently harboring themselves in Europe. Sally, what are your thoughts as this scandal unfolds?


They must be found and publicly hanged! Do not let them get away with this. First they made cecil read that fanfiction, then they cast a straight white male and now this. They’re going way too far, they are a danger to society. Come back and face your crimes you cowards





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have you ever had a weird sort of crush on one of your friends where you cant actually tell if its a crush or not??? do i want to kiss you?? do i just really enjoy being your friend????? who knows? not me

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tranquilebony said: I have a bit of an odd inquiry, and please, please I don't mean this in a wrong way but... how did you let it go? I keep panicking when I get even close to sexual intimacy with someone, enough to bolt and hide...


"Oh, honey…"

Zacharie sits, one leg crossed over the other, looking on in concern.

"Confidence isn’t something that comes easily to everyone, you know…? There’s nothing wrong with being nervous or uncertain about something. What is it, really? Are you afraid of being inadequate? Are you repulsed…? Are you afraid of being judged? Is it the thought of someone else touching you more intimately than you would be typically used to, cheri…? It depends on the reasons why.

"But I think it’s most important," he goes on, "to be with someone who is willing to be patient with you the first time, and allow you the room to explore your comfort level, who is willing to stop or slow down for you. Your comfort is extremely important, honeybun. Any partner should know that. If you’re not confident about your own body, don’t think about it. Focus on your partner, and exploring them—think about them. If you want, try leaving yourself half-dressed. Try starting with simple things—just hands, for example—so you don’t feel overwhelmed by too much at once. Try letting them take the lead, or, if you’re afraid of not being in control, insist on it so you can set your own pace. Eventually, with time, it will start to come easier, and you’ll see there’s nothing to be afraid of.”